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Terms and Conditions

I have volunteered to participate in vElevator’s The Final Reel contest reality show. I have read all of vElevator’s The Final Reel official rules. I understand and agree to comply with these rules. The “Submitted Project” is the short narrative video or film I submit for this contest. To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements herein are true and correct. I understand failure to adhere to vElevator’s The Final Reel rules will result in disqualification. As the owner and author of the Submitted Project, I fully attest that the following is true and accurate

  1. I have read, understand and agree fully to the official rules of the competition and hereby request that you watch, evaluate and post my Submitted Project, of which I have exclusive rights and authority to submit the same upon the terms and conditions stated here within.

  2. By submitting an application and Submitted Project, each applicant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless vElevator Inc. from all claims and damages arising out of the individual’s or company’s participation in the application process or the program itself, and to have the individual’s or company’s name, voice and likeness used at vElevator’s discretion as part of the program, or as part of promotions for the program, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised.

  3. I understand and agree that vElevator Inc. will make all decisions regarding participation in the competition in its sole discretion, without any limitation whatsoever, including without limitation who to select for the competition. I understand that I may not be selected for the competition and that by submitting the Submitted Project I am not guaranteed to be part of the competition or any future competitions.

  4. Furthermore, I indemnify vElevator Inc., its affiliates, sponsors and judges of and from any and all claims, loss or liability that may be asserted against you or incurred by you or any associates, at any time in connection with said Submitted Project.

  5. I understand that I retain ownership of my material. vElevator Inc. will not use the material or any part of it, except in connection with the competition, vElevator’s The Final Reel, unless you: (1) enter into an agreement with me granting additional rights to the material, or (2) determine in good faith that I do not own or control the Submitted Project because features or elements were created by someone other than me; are in the public domain or; are not novel or new.

  6. I have created and am submitting the Submitted Project completely voluntarily. If or when vElevator Inc. does post my Submitted Project to its website, it does not mean they hired or otherwise retained me, in any way, to create or submit the Submitted Project. I understand I am not guaranteed a prize or any compensation for submitting my Submitted Project now or in the future.

  7. I understand and agree that by submitting the Submitted Project that no confidential relationship exists between vElevator and myself.

  8. I believe my Submitted Project to be unique and original. However, it is possible that other Submitted Projects or other projects in development by vElevator Inc, and/or it’s employees and contractors may have created unique and original projects similar to my Submitted Project. If vElevator determines that it has an independent legal right to use similar material created by it’s employees or contractors, I understand that I am not entitled to any compensation.

  9. No termination of this Agreement and no acts with respect to the Submitted Project (such as returning it to me) will be deemed to affect our respective rights and obligations under this Agreement, and all such rights and obligations shall survive any termination or acts.

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